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Healthy Leaders + Healthy Churches = Gospel Impact.


That’s the formula at the core of what I do as a writer, consultant, and coach. I firmly believe that when churches have a crystal clear picture of their mission, vision, values, strategies, and measures–they’re only half-way to reaching their maximum impact. The other half is developing a leadership team with healthy systems and structures. All of this only works, too, if the leadership has an abiding connection to the work of the Holy Spirit. It takes a healthy organization, and it takes healthy leaders for churches to reach their fullest potential.


In July 2015, I launched with this clear statement: leadership matters. Since that time, I’ve dedicated this website to providing free resources and content that helps you and your church become healthy so you can make an impact. Thousands of you have read the articles on this site, and benefited from (what I hope is) encouraging, honest, and actionable content.


In October 2015, I took things to the next level by beginning to work hands-on with churches and leaders to help them in their unique context through consulting, coaching, and workshops. I’ve been leveraging my efforts at this singular effort: to help leaders like you and churches like yours to be healthier. In just these short months, I’ve been encouraged by your stories of God’s healing, and inspired by the work you pour into making your churches better for the Kingdom. I’m glad to say that this new phase of ministry for me in working with leaders and churches is just beginning.


As of February 2016, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be continuing my work with leaders and churches as a consultant with The Malphurs Group (TMG). The team at TMG is committed to helping churches “envision tomorrow today.” TMG has been a pioneer in working with churches in the area of strategic planning, but has also had a broad impact in coaching pastors, church planters, and lay leaders to make their greatest impact. In fact, the founder literally wrote the books on Strategic Planning and Church Planting. I’m thankful to be given an opportunity to parter with TMG to help direct churches through their gold-standard Strategic Envisioning process as well as work with the team to develop new opportunities for churches of all sizes.


Nothing here on the blog changes. With my new responsibilities at TMG, keep on expecting two new articles each week geared toward helping churches and leaders in practical ways. Expect to keep on getting an email every Tuesday morning from me.


What’s new is that you can anticipate some exclusive content from me going up on the TMG Blog that won’t be posted here. So you’ll want to add them to your RSS feed, or better yet, follow them on Facebook or Twitter. Anything from me or the rest of the group will show up on there. Secondly, expect that I’ll be linking more articles from TMG on my own Facebook and Twitter profiles in addition to my stuff from Their wealth of knowledge and experience is immense, and I can serve you even better by exposing you to the insanely practical things they’re writing about. Finally, expect to be hearing about new tools and resources that I’m developing in conjunction with TMG. One of the things I’m most excited about is the ability to create massively useful resources for churches and leaders that, on my own, would be years in the making. Being part of the TMG team enables me to move forward on some really big ideas that I’ve been dreaming about for months now. So stay tuned for new stuff! In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about partnering with me to do a six-month Strategic Envisioning process or shorter term Strategy Direct process with me, let’s get in touch–I’d love to tell you more about it.


I’m more excited than ever to be following the call of Jesus on my life to empower churches and leaders to be healthier and make a significant Gospel impact. And I’m more thankful than ever to have you join me along the way. Keep pressing on!