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It’s here, friends. The Church Leadership Matters Podcast has officially launched!

The Church Leadership Matters Podcast is a show were we discuss the things that matter to leaders because your leadership matters. This interview-style show focuses on topics that matter to leaders because their leadership matters. In each episode, I interview an expert in a particular area–sometimes well-known guests and other times “in the trenches”-type guests. The podcast is designed to help ALL leaders from volunteers to senior pastors maximize their leadership potential. Each episode concludes with a “Leadership Lifeline” which is a free digital resource (made available to email subscribers only) that will help podcast listeners put into action principles gleaned from the interview. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here.

From the Church Leadership Matters site today:

Today’s show was all about cultivating a love for the Word in our churches, and that process begins with us.

We interviewed LeAnne Blackmore (Obscure No More), an incredible speaker and Bible teacher who0_0_0_0_556_371_csupload_37249123 is also author of the upcoming book Rooted. LeAnne not only has a deep love for the Bible herself, but has spent the last several years teaching others and instilling passion in them.

In our interview with LeAnne, we tackled three main topics:

1) Why it’s so important for churches to develop a culture where a love for Scripture and Biblical literacy are self evident.
-Studying the Word is a priority to God, so it needs to be a priority to us.
-Psalm 138:2 says “You have exalted above all things your name and your word.”
-True disciples abide in the Word.
-Studying the Word is profitable for the Kingdom

Want to know more about Episode 1?

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