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Free Church Media! You don’t have to steal anymore!

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Marketing, Promotion | 0 comments

I’ve been in your shoes. I know it’s hard.

I know that pulling off excellence in church every single week is difficult and expensive.  Churches, especially church plants and smaller churches, don’t have enough time, budget, staff, or expertise to produce high-end stuff in-house each week. So I get it, it’s easier to take a short-cut. But sometimes our attempts to save time or money inadvertently lead us to an ethically treacherous place.  Most often, this happens within the realm of intellectual property, and so we don’t think of it as stealing.  We think of it as sharing. I’ve been where you are, walked in your shoes, and rationalized the same way. Even in creating this website–a place designed to help church leaders train up, heal up, and pump up so they can have their maximum impact–there’s a temptation to want to use great stuff on the web. But just because it can be downloaded for free doesn’t mean it’s yours to use for free. Having walked this journey, too, I think that most of us in church want to do the right thing but get confused by what’s legal and figure since it’s “all for Jesus” it doesn’t really matter. Here’s why it matters: using intellectual property without permission is literally picking the pocket of content creators. While major studios or production companies might not miss the small royalty, the photographer, videographer, musician, or artist who is hustling each week to make ends meet certainly does. If everyone in your church decided not to tithe simply because your sermons were offered for free, every church in this country would be in trouble. Likewise, if digital media you come across has value to you, pay for it.


You wouldn’t sneak cash out of the offering, snag a Snickers in the grocery store, or get overzealous with the give-a-penny/take-a-penny jar at the gas station.  So don’t steal stuff for your church just because it doesn’t feel like stealing.  It’s time for this to stop. It’s time to get access to legal and free church media.

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Here's the solution!

In this guide you’ll find “ten” awesome places on the Internet where you can access audio, video, and image files for free and use however you’d like. I say “ten” because, in fact, I have bonus sites listed under a few of these headers. So it’s actually more than ten!  By using the resources listed in this guide, you’ll not only be getting high-quality content for free, you’ll be staying in the bounds of the law. And even more importantly, you’ll be following that higher Law: loving your digital neighbor as yourself.

Happy free and legal downloading!