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The power of the gospel is amplified when it is spoken aloud.

Some of the most pivotal moments in my own life have come from having the Word of God spoken into my life through Spirit-filled teaching. This my heart and my endeavor when given a microphone: to point people towards the Jesus who loves them and saves them and justifies them and sets them free.

Whether the venue is a leadership training or a worship service, my speaking is always centered on the power of Jesus to transform our lives and minds. Rooted in research, my messages are always content-rich so that audiences get the full benefit of hours of study compacted into one sitting. But while some are heavy on content and light on practicality, you’ll discover that my content is filtered through the lens of application. Audiences will come away with transformative direction, either in their role as a leader or within their walk with Christ.

Leadership Areas of Expertise:

  • Teamwork & Team Development
  • Church Planting
  • Leadership Development
  • Second-Chair Leadership
  • Strengths-based Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Vision Development

I am currently booking speaking engagements for weekend worship services, conferences, and retreats for churches and organizations of all sizes.

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Here is how some people describe my speaking:

“Scott communicates the Word of God in Gospel-centered teaching, that is practical as well as life changing. Scott brings new and exciting ways to communicate the principles of the Gospel.” – David A.

“Scott is a teacher of The Word committed to delivering the Good News of Jesus Christ, with a passion for the rich depth that the Bible has to offer. He is a clear communicator, passionate theologian, committed husband, father, and loving friend. I see every aspect of his life and character spill over into the way he communicates with others. Scott knows what it takes to be a leader and holds great insight on what it takes to equip others to lead well. I have seen his advice, wisdom, and insight affect me personally as a leader and I’m incredibly grateful to him for this. You would be remiss to pass up an opportunity to hear what God has to say through this God-fearing man.” – Trevor W.

“I appreciate the amount of time spent studying God’s word and breathing life into the lives of others. Scott is a fantastic speaker! He digs into God’s word and leaves you wanting more.  He is encouraging and truly makes you focus on what God may want you to hear.” – Sumer H.

“Scott Ball is a definite ‘Bible Nerd!’  His teaching brings many technical details into common learning.  His knowledge is apparent, and shows in the confidence that exudes when he lectures.  Scott loves his God, loves his family, and holds friends dear.  Passion and energy are evident in his teaching.  He is able to bring you the history around scripture, and relate that to current family and life experiences.  I always leave his teachings reflecting on my own relationship with Christ.” – David F.

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